Grow Your Own Food

The Foundation of Gardening

Objective: Understand soil health. Role of soil microbes, benefits of composting.

Introduction to Gardening – The Hidden World Beneath Our Feet


  • Grow bag
  • Potting soil or garden soil
  • Kitchen scraps (for compost)
  • Yard waste (leaves, sticks)
  • Chicken wire (optional, for outdoor compost bin)

Let’s dig deeper!

1.1 Introduction

2.1 The Planets
2.2 The Sun
2.3 Moons
2.4 Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors
2.5 Black Holes and Neutron Stars

3.1 Space Debris and Management
3.2 Commercial Spaceflight
3.2 Space Colonization
3.3 The Future of Space Exploration

4.1 Life in the Universe
4.2 The Search for Exoplanets