Gardening Resources

my favorite gardening resources
Here are some of the gardening products and resources that have helped me in my 3 acre food forest garden.
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Pest Control

For Florida gardeners looking to strike a balance between maintaining a healthy ecosystem and a bug-free living space, these are products that have worked for me and my gardening style. Click on learn more to see how I use these products in my garden and home.

diatomaceous earth

This is the safest option so I apply a light dusting of diatomaceous earth weekly in my chicken coop, on ant hills, and around my home. While it’s not as strong, consistent use helps significantly decrease the number of ants, roaches and fleas over time.

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ant Bait

I use this bait monthly in and around the house to control ants. After using it in my shop, I saw 10+ dead roaches the next day, so it effectively targets both ants and roaches.

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boric acid

Boric acid is an eco-friendly solution for controlling ants and roaches. I use it monthly around the house to keep insects out, particularly in my slider door cracks, under the sinks

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apple cider vinegar

I left apple cider vinegar and water in the sink overnight, and unexpectedly woke up to dead roaches and ants floating in the water. Now I leave it in mason jars in the chicken coop and yard. It attracts all kinds of pests.

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Having the right tools in the garden makes life so much easier. Here are what I use. Click on the learn more button to learn more about how I use it and maintain it.

air compressor

I use my air compressor to clean work areas and filters, fixing and maintaining tools, detailing my car, pumping up tires and so much more.

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We water from our ponds, rain barrels and fish tanks. Although we don’t have to rely on city water, it’s ok if you do.

transfer pump

We use 1hp transfer pumps to water from our ponds with a hose and the pressure is strong enough to run a sprinkler system.

quick connect

No more waiting for water!! Placing quick connects on rain barrel spigots will fill a water bucket in a matter of seconds!

rain barrels

Put a rain barrel on every downspout and lead the overflow through your garden.

squeeze bottle

These little bottles are fantastic for watering delicate seedlings and great fun for kids to water!

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Around the yard

mesh baskets

I use wire baskets to protect seeds and young plants, to sift soil, harvest fruit and filters to hold pumps. They’re so useful and can usually be found for cheap at thrift shops.

seed trays

Get a nice set of heavy-duty seed cells and the trays to go under them. Always keep them planted to ensure a continuous supply of plants.

seed storage

I repurposed this Goodwill spice rack into seed storage and I love it. Check out spice racks for some seed saving storage solutions.

microbe brew

I don’t use many products in my garden, but this is one I can recommend. Microbe Brew is a collection of microbes, microbe food and plant food.

Around the house


Here are some excellent gardening videos that have inspired me in my gardening journey.

Does tap water harm beneficial bacteria?

I love this experiment by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable because I always assumed tap water was not a great option for watering!

Spoiler alert – the damage was so insignificant that it really doesn’t matter!

peacock butterfly on candlestick cassia

Why insects do not (and cannot) attack healthy plants

This 1.5-hour-long video was life-changing for me. John Kempf’s explanation of brix and how insects don’t attack healthy plants changed my entire gardening mindset. So bump the speed up to 2x, and watch it!

How to Make and Maintain Soil Fertility

Geoff Lawton is one of my favorite YouTubers. He shares the same natural gardening styles that I do, and I love his chill approach to gardening.

Check out more of his videos here.

Soil Texture Analysis – How to see how much sand, silt and clay you have in your soil.