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My Favorite Gardening Products


I have rain barrels attached to all my downspouts. There are so many different types and sizes. Make sure you hook a hose to the overflow and lead the water away from your home. You can use a soaker hose for this as well and run it through your garden.

I attach Quick Connects to all of the spigots on my rain barrels. This way, when I want to quickly fill a bucket with water, I can simply pop off the spigot, and the water will gush out. It’s a bit splashy, but this way, I can fill a water bucket in a matter of seconds!

Transfer Pump: I have 2 ponds on my property. I hooked up transfer pumps to them so I can use a hose to water from them! The pressure is even strong enough to run a sprinkler.

Although I prefer to water by hand, water timers are a fantastic way to ensure your garden stays irrigated if you don’t have the time to.

in the garden

  • Mesh Baskets: Great for protecting seeds and young plants from critters and people’s feet.
  • I was gifted one of these raised beds, and although I didn’t like it for planting, it served as an excellent bin for composting in!
  • I bought 10 heavy-duty seed starting trays and the trays to go under them to hold water. My goal is to always have seeds sprouting in each cell, meaning I have 500 plants ready to go in the garden.

in the house

I absolutely love these sticky pad lights to get rid of houseflies and gnats that come in on fruit or houseplants. I have 3 of them which have lasted several years. You do have to replace the bulbs (@$15) every couple of years and the sticky pads (@$1) each month or so. But living in Bugland, aka Florida, these have been amazing. learn more.

I have these locking knobs on every bedroom door in my home. They were great when the kids were toddlers so they couldn’t wreak havoc in bedrooms, and now that they’re older, they’re nice so visitors don’t wander…

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