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Grow Your Own Food | August 2023

Reflecting on this summer, there’s a stark contrast between the bountiful garden I had envisioned versus the reality that unfolded. The intense heat and my exciting new business venture kept me indoors more than expected, transforming my dream farm into…

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Grow your own Food | May 2023

In preparation for my April seminar, which fell on Earth Day weekend, I spent a lot of time researching environmental issues, and honestly, it made for a pretty depressing month. Eco-friendly has become a cliché term, but the more you…

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Grow your own Food | April 2023

Last month in the garden I focused on watering, planting warm-weather crops, training our new puppy, learning to cook from scratch, building up the compost bins and maintaining lots of grow bags! Watering It hasn’t rained in a long time….

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Grow your own Food | March 2023

It’s March!! Our long, cold winter has seemingly come to a sudden halt. If you want to grow a spring garden, you better start now before the brutal summer weather arrives. I spent this past month starting seeds, which up…

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Grow your own Food | February 2023

This year, winter was much colder and longer than we’ve ever experienced in our garden, which allowed us to plant and harvest so many cold-weather crops! Winter gardening is easy and so much fun! Root crops grow well in our…

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Grow your own Food | January 2023

I’ve always been fascinated by Geoff Lawton’s quote, “All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden” because well, it’s so true. Squash Greening the Desert Geoff Lawton uses his gardening skills to solve problems on a large scale….

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