Since 2014, I have been turning my yard into an edible landscape and food forest. We’ve grown a lot of food and some great memories.

As my garden became more productive, I jumped on the opportunity to use it as a way to generate additional income.

Combining my love for gardening with my background in finance and a Master’s degree, I took a leap and turned my passion into a business.

In 2015, I struggled through my first website build (and the second, and third…) but I kept improving and eventually started making money through affiliate links.

As I delved deeper into the world of Internet marketing and site data analysis, I realized just how much there was to learn, and how much I love learning and evolving.

One of my passions is teaching. I love meeting others who are as passionate about learning things as I am.

In 2022, I started teaching seminars at Rockledge Gardens about growing your own food. When they started selling out, I binge-watched some Zoom tutorials and began offering online classes as well.

Grow your own food seminar at Rockledge Gardens

If I’m not tending to the garden or immersed in my work on the computer, I’m hanging with my 2 awesome boys.

I live on 3 acres in zone 9b Florida. We have 12 laying chickens and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing throughout the yard as well as native and beneficial plants that support the local ecosystem.

Throughout my site, you will find tips, resources, and inspiration for creating your own food forest.

People tend to overcomplicate gardening and make it more difficult than it needs to be. So I teach practical techniques that make gardening easier, less intimidating, and better for our planet.

In 2022, my son and I started a gardening club at his elementary school. We only meet monthly, and it’s really cool to see their excitement.

Today, I’m busy having fun with two awesome kids, I’m turning my field into a farm, learning as much as I can and just trying to make the world a better place.

Thanks for checking out my site.

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