I’ve spent 8 fascinating years turning my 3-acre property into a food forest. My goal to grow our own food resulted in a sustainable, respectful, and peaceful lifestyle full of an abundance of healthy food to can share with our family, friends, and neighbors.

We have grown a lot of food over the years, but it’s the memories, experiences, entertainment, health, and valuable life lessons that I am most grateful for.

I’m fully committed to turning our yard into an edible landscape, and to be most successful, I have learned how to create a sustainable garden by using efficient, productive, and natural gardening practices, without the use of any chemicals.

Rockledge Gardens

In 2019, I began working at Rockledge Gardens. I lead educational garden tours, teach seminars and work in the marketing department.

My conversations with our guests have provided me with so much insight into the struggles and frustrations people face in their gardens.

Grow your own food seminar at Rockledge Gardens

I realized there is a big disconnect between nature and growing food.

Anyone who attends my seminar is given private access to my monthly Facebook group for continued learning.

Gardening club at Williams Elementary

In 2022, my son and I started a gardening club at his elementary school.

We only meet once a month, so I have picked easy-to-grow plants that require little maintenance.

During the first 2 months, we were hit by 2 hurricanes and a long drought. So the struggle is real, but nature is a resilient and things have started growing.

Check out our school gardening page where you can see what we are up to and donate to support the program.

Rebuilding the School Garden Beds

It’s never too late to start growing your own food.

Join me each month at Rockledge Gardens for my Grow Your Own Food seminars

Online Classes will be available soon!

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Help us Grow

We volunteer a lot of time, money, plants, and food to help spread the love, passion and understanding of gardening to all.

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