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Grow Bigger

Do you want to transform your everyday yard into a grocery store, in a few simple and rewarding steps? I’ll teach you how to grow your own food without having to rely on any store-bought products.

Courses & workshops
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Gardening with Kids
Plant and seed sales
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Taking a break for summer! See ya in the fall.


Grow Better

Our team is excited to share our expertise with you. Sign up for our weekly online classes via Zoom. Math, Computer, Business and Gardening Skills in our. Practical knowledge for real-world applications.

K-5 Math
Computer Skills
Gardening Classes

Classes start every two months

Business Services

Grow Bigger

Need a new or rebranded website? Want to start a side hustle selling online courses or books? Feeling unorganized and overwhelmed with your business? I can help.

Website rebranding
Course or book design
Email automation

*Prices start at $100.


Grow Better

Want to learn more about safe and sustainable gardening practices? Want to grow your own food using natural gardening techniques? Partner with me to transform your yard into a thriving, edible landscape.

Courses and workshops
Zoom classes
Gardening with kids
Plants & seed
Garden tours